Paintball Club Updates 10/9/2014

Recently we had some updates on the status of the club that we thought should be shared with all of you:

– Last week our new indoor practice bunkers were ordered and are currently being produced. Our remaining practice gear should be shipped and in by the time these arrive.

– The first round of Official SIU Paintball jerseys have been ordered and are going through approval from the NCPA.

– We are presently determining the manner and policies of how weekly practices will be held in Davie’s gym; alongside a new complement of Officers to make sure that things run smoothly.


For those of you who are interested in playing in the near future, there are two events nearby that you can attend:

October 12th, 2014 is Zombies IV hosted by Rawdogs in Elkville, IL. This event is free entry ($5 air) and BYOP. More information can be obtained here:
This will not be an official outing for the club. Rides and rental gear from the club will not be available.

November 2nd, 2014 is a Halloween Big Game at Xtreme Paintball Park in Milstadt, IL . This event is $10 entry and includes air fills. Field paint only. This is the website:
This will be an official outing for the SIU Paintball Club granted that there is enough interest. Please respond by October 24th if you plan on attending.


We all appreciate your continued support and patience as we get this club up and running and look forward to an excellent year of paintball with you here at SIU.

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